Dragon Queen Cami, Streamer, Software Engineer, Gamer & Lover Of All Things Gaming & Anime!

Spreading Love and Positivity

Calling all Gamers, Streamers & Creators!

Do you love dragons? Do you have a favorite type, color, subspecies?

I love them all!! Dragons are my fave!!

Well, welcome to my Dragon’s Den! I am the Dragon Queen, an inspiring Twitch Streamer, and lover of Monster Hunter World:Iceborne: LadyCamiSama.

When I am not ensuring that my lovely dragons and amazing viewers and followers are happy and enjoying themselves, I am often playing through some game for all of your entertainment! Come watch and join in with my community of fans and dragons, so that we can pass the time, and plan on intergalactic and interdimensional conquest together.

On Twitch, I promote and insist on one very strict rule: have fun or else! Rawr (best roar ever btw)!

Some games and things I like to stream are Monster Hunter World:Iceborne, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV and even some Overwatch. As you can see RPGs and MMOs are a thing for me! If you are a fan of any of these, please come join the ranks among like-minded positive, motivated people!

Please join me and my beautiful and ever-growing dragon brigade, and together we shall rule the sea, skies, and webspace (or at least be a place your friends are jealous about)!

  • Mythical creatures intrigue me, and if you also love them, well, this is going to be a lot of fun. Come, rest your wings, kickstart the inner flame and get ready for your adventures with me!
  • I love gaming, and more than anything, I love helping other streamers within my community! If you are as silly as me, let's explore together!
  • I am friendly and I don't judge! If you are a lovely personality who loves to make loyal friends here, let's join hands.
  • I love to explore new gaming beasts, and don’t bore my audience with cookie-cutter games. We will play together and have fun.
  • Need to share a dialogue? Have a business query? Have any advice? I’m all ears! Stay connected!

Join Me In My Awesome Adventures!

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