LadyCamisama (Dragon Queen)

To bring prosperity, tranquility and enjoyment to a thriving gaming community.

Mission Statement

By harnessing the power of a global platform, I am able to inform, encourage and unite individuals around the world. Through my commitment to cultivating an inclusive space, I strive to empower others to have fun while becoming the best version of themselves.

About Me

Hello! I’m LadyCamisama AKA Dragon Queen of the community Mythicals. As a successful Twitch Streamer, Content Creator, Entertainer and Social Media Influencer, I focus on being both authentic and positive. I believe in the power of inclusivity to support larger communities and at Mythicals, that’s exactly what I do. While gaming is the main channel through which I reach folks, I engage in a dialogue that is optimistic, inspiration and uplifting. My goal has always been to create a safe and comfortable space for you to relax and let go of the everyday stresses in your life. I feel honored to be in the position to help others, and I don’t take the role lightly. My breadth and depth of experience enables me to take gaming to the next level. I partner with likeminded businesses, developers and other streamers whose values reflect my own. If you’d like to discuss possible partnerships, please feel free to reach out.