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To foster an enjoyable and positive space for gamers, streamers and likeminded individuals.

Meet the Admin Members of Mythicals

LadyCamiSama “Cami” DragonLord
IronAddictKidd “Iron” Head of Security
Arokh_Rimewing Commander of Dragon Fleet
Shadwdragn Thrower of Shade
Perzeus Forever in the Void

  • Come through and say hi. We have a pretty chill and welcoming group of individuals who love gaming!
  • Because that Gamer Life is awesome!!
  • Gamers Unite! At home, separately!

We have Anime / Movie Nights

  • Animu Nights (... whenevs)
  • Movies
  • Shows / Series
  • We game off stream as well.
  • We foster a family-oriented community for persons of all ages, from all over the world.

We are working towards building a support structure for our streamer community as well.

Streamers who link their Twitch with Discord will be given the "LIVE" role and moved to the top where all members can see and tune in. We love to support our members and help each other grow together. This is what Mythicals is all about. Growing together, being that butterfly effect and just honestly having a wonderful and prosperous community.

Join Us and be active. We look forward to gaming with you!  

Here at Mythicals we believe in reciprocity so we always do our best to focus on genuinely supporting as many communities as we can. We have only just begun! Look out for more! If you are already a member of Mythicals! Thank you for all your support and all that you do! Much Love and Hugs! Mythal Appreciates you! She has a few other surprises so stay tuned!

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