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Welcome to Mythicals Design !

Mythicals Design by LadyCamiSama designs and sells custom apparel, accessories, and homeware that inspire and motivate. I believe that art is more than just something beautiful. It’s a vehicle for relaying powerful messages and emotions. So I use it to transfer positive thoughts from my heart to yours. In a world where it’s easy to be consumed by overwhelming negativity, I want to capture the tiny pieces of light that can brighten someone’s day.

As an Afro-Latina born in the US Virgin Islands, I’ve always defied the norm. I’m a proud female gamer and prolific content creator who embraces self-authenticity. You can start the journey of unapologetically being yourself by requesting your own custom design. I ship to 180+ countries, facilitate custom orders for special occasions with one month’s notice, and offer seasonal sales and discounts. I’m eager to help capture the essence of your ideas and bring them to life through my artwork.

Mythicals combines the three things I love the most; cute magical creatures, silly banter, and positive vibes. When you shop at Mythicals, you shop for products that move, excite, and amplify you.

I'm just launching this, so there are much more designs to come! Feel free to reach out to me if you have ideas for custom orders!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design products that remind people of how awesome they are. We use motivating merchandise to enrich and uplift lives.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an influential force of creativity and positivity that spreads joy and light to every corner of the globe.

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Authenticity We embrace the truest and most honest version of ourselves; in-turn motivating you to do the same.

Inspiration We aspire to inspire everyone to do what they love and what they fear.

Fun We believe humor is the best way to spread bliss and cheer.

Positivity We measure our success in the number of lives we’ve made brighter.

Perseverance We believe in pushing through the darkest of times, overcoming obstacles, and tackling challenges with a smile.