To foster an enjoyable and positive space for gamers, streamers and likeminded individuals.

We are working towards building a support structure for our streamer community as well. Finding ways to support your favorite streamers without have multiple tabs open but still being able to show that support? Well we might have just the platform for you. Visit our Mythicals Lurk page; add your favorite streamers and when they go live, if that tab is up you will be showing your support for them. Remember every view count and your view is just as important! And when you can, you can also chat to them and interact with them all on the same page!

Here at Mythicals we believe in reciprocity so we always do our best to focus on genuinely supporting as many communities as we can. We have only just begun! Look out for more! If you are already a member of Mythicals! Thank you for all your support and all that you do! Much Love and Hugs! Mythal Appreciates you! She has a few other surprises so stay tuned!

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